With a few battered instruments and some tinpan recording gear, Ed Wettenhall has crafted his own choatic world full of analog fuzz and warm melodies.

Following the diossolution of Fish Tank Wetenhall entered self imposed exile to write his magnus opus out July 27. “Shame” is the first track from that project - a song that focuses on emotions ranging from anxiety that permeate a condensed therapy session between Wetenhall and his psychologist.

In his own words: “Really excited to share the title track from my album ‘Shame’ that comes out on Friday. I think at its core, the album is about growing up and into yourself. The songs focus on my many experiences grappling with anxiety and guilt, pulling them apart methodically as I do and trying to work out where I fit in amongst the pieces. It’s a chaotic and visceral experience, but ultimately it’s about finding out who you are and making sense of the chaos life throws at you.”

Shame LP is released on 27 July via ALLONEWORD and Interstellar Music Group