DWY (that's pronounced 'dew-wee' not 'dwi') takes inspiration from some of the biggest names in modern R&B/pop, such as Frank Ocean and James Blake, as well as Kanye West's "life-changing" album 808s & Heartbreak. Although he nods to a number of names, DWY carving his own niche with sincere lyrics, gut-punch vocal displays, and a glittering mesh of organic and electronic production.

"I wrote 'Over You' about every relationship I’ve been in whilst I was a struggling artist and the person didn’t get it and couldn’t see where I was going," DWY tells Variance of the track. "I want the music to do the talking. I tell my life through my songs. I'm not afraid to be vulnerable and say what I feel."

And "Over You" is certainly vulnerable - it's got honesty in spades and beautifully understated production threading the whole thing together, with lilting guitar riffs, hacked-up harmonies, organs, distant basslines, beats, and more. It should be rich and thick with the amount of elements DWY includes, but "Over You" is far from it - it's airy, sparse even, and it works as a thrilling welcome into his new world.

"Over You" is out now.