Musically bridging the gap between his West Coast roots and his now home in Nashville, Tennessee, Dreamer Boy categorises himself as being ‘Cowboy Pop’. Since introducing himself with his debut LP Love Nostalgia, he has cultivated a modern sound, backed by synths and crafty production, but he still draws upon traditional influences via the use of guitars.

He released his sophomore album All The Ways We Are Together earlier this year to coincide with Earth Day – reflecting the sense of comradery, community, and positivity that Dreamer Boy endeavours to reinforce via his music. “I want to spread love and light and joy,” he comments.

After supporting the likes of Clairo, Omar Apollo, and Still Woozy, Taylor now returns with “ARE YOU LETTING GO?”. Teaming up with multi-platinum New Zealander BENEE, the pair strive for profundity by focusing on their individual feelings.

“I didn’t say you were the reason why / I didn’t plan to run so many miles” sings Dreamer boy in a rich sonic texture, before reverting to justification in the chorus – “Don’t walk away, you know I’m needing you to stay / See me reaching out, I haven’t turned the other way”.

Upon the introduction of BENEE’s dreamy shapeshifting vocals in the second verse, it’s evident that both parties have anxiety surrounding the dizzying effects of a new romance.

Speaking on the track, Dreamer Boy says “’ARE YOU LETTING GO?’ was written as an SOS or smoke signal to another person. I was very lost and feeling very far from someone I loved when I wrote this and sometimes the only communication you have with that person is not clear and leaves you hoping or longing.”

“With this song, I wanted to express that unfamiliar and bewildering place of love, of not knowing, and the uncertainty of how the other person is feeling.”

“This is a song that I really wanted to have BENEE appear on because it shows that there is someone else and she gives the other side of the story in some ways,” he continues. “I have loved her vocal delivery and writing for some time now and her song ‘Happen to Me’ really inspired me to reach out and ask her to join me on this song. I am so happy to share this little heartbreaker with the world and so cool to have BENEE a part of it.”

“ARE YOU LETTING GO?” is out now. Find Dreamer Boy and BENEE on Instagram.