​The moments when these spaces come together is when interesting things can happen, as Trev Blumas explains: “We played a show in Tofino, its a small town situated in a temperate rainforest on Vancouver Island in the West coast of Canada. We powered the show on generators and whatever juice we could get from our RV. It took place on a full moon in the middle of the woods. You could watch our show from canoes in small bays/inlets, or from nets hanging between all the massive redwood trees. It was late at night, and because not to much speakers and dance music travels to Tofino…. the entire town came to the performance. It became a full on rave that lasted all night.”

The video for “Head Spirit…” also operates within these spaces, detailing “encounters and thresholds of nature and the brink of otherness, mystifying feminine energies and their impacts on the archetype of modern man. Certain elements in the video represent a ceremony where the man surrenders himself to the changing present and a timeless history.”

Doomquad play Canada House/ The Blind Tiger Club as part of The Great Escape festival in Brighton, this Thursday (8 May) at 12.45pm.