Creating something accessible but also challenging and interesting is a common problem for math rock/post rock bands, particularly when the instinctive inclination is to usually go as left field as possible. Fortunately for Death & The Penguin, they have found a perfect equilibrium between disjointed key signatures and catchy instrumentals on their latest track “Kill Saatchi”.

There is an obvious range of influences here from Sweep The Leg Johnny to At The Drive-In and early The Edmund Fitzgerald. Death & The Penguin takes this range of inspiration and delineate all those separate elements into concise and intelligent math rock.

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Frontman Tobias Smith frankly muses on the track: “Well, we're probably going to get sued for this one. Though we wish the Saatchi clan no harm, they and their brand represent the machinery that produces the falsehoods that colour our perceptions of ourselves and the world. I feel that these images taint our relationships with one another, and drive the consumption that poisons our water and blackens our air.”

“Kill Saatchi” is out 27 October.