All active members of Bristol's progressive jazz scene, Cousin Kula's eclectic influences collide with colossal force. Layered with musical intricacies, the track opens with Elliot Ellison's androgynous vocals - with a gentle reminder for the listener to “just relax”, before subsequently untethering the beast.

"Sometimes I like to keep the theme of the lyrics undefined, and just see where the words go” Ellison explains. “In this case, the song became about losing your way a bit, partying too hard, and having those strange thoughts that haunt you the next day.”

“We gigged a completely different version for a bit before taking it back to our rehearsal space for a total change in direction. In light of that, the chorus refrain 'too many times to count now' has a certain irony for us. But sometimes, the most challenging songs to write turn out the most interesting”.

It’s easy to see why this is a firm favourite from their live circuit, with its slow build into a swirling snake pit of hissing synths and seething drum patterns. It twists and turns at such velocity that it’s difficult to keep up, kaleidoscopic colours combining to curate a palette of dazzling psychedelia.

“Brain Abroad” is out now and you can catch the group at The Lexington on 13 March. Find Cousin Kula on Facebook.