"High By The Riverside" is very much the sound of 21st century dance pop; 808s blare across the track, with Coucheron adding an array of speaker-bouncing synths sounds, and adding plenty of drops for good measure.

And then there's the voice of ARY. While her vocals are occasionally given some pitch-bending treatment by Coucheron, the singer is allowed to give her lightest pop vocal to date and it perfectly suits the song's summery vibes.

"I’ve been fortunate to work a lot with ARY this past year, mostly on her stufff," Coucheron tells us. "But in this case we both felt this would be a song for me. I immediately bonded with the storytelling in this song, and felt it belonged in my universe, so I did my best to compliment her beautiful vocals."

"High By The Riverside" is out tomorrow via Toothfairy.