The noise surrounding her debut EP Girl in Passing has barely had a chance to die down, but Christinna O returns with “SHINE”, showing us that this 20-year-old from Philly is so much more than just an R&B singer.

The song erupts with Christinna’s repeated rallying cry: “we gonna shine”, set over synth and heavy, repetitive beats; this track was made with movement in mind. It really comes into its own however, when Christinna starts rapping; her dedication to flow and lyricism is evident, betraying her years spent developing as a spoken word artist battling at NAACP poetry nights.

Undulating and engaging, her words propel the track into space occupied by artists such as Little Simz and Noname. This style is a bold new directive for the artist, however if this song is anything to go by, one she seems destined to go down.

Of her new single, Christinna explains that “‘SHINE’ is me sonically making a party for me and my people. This song is a place for me to bask and be overwhelmed by the divinity of Black people and how we are destined to shine.”

The themes are deeply personal, detailing Christinna’s own journey as an artist; however, they are also intergenerational, making the track a celebration of not only her own achievements, but that of all Black Americans, past and future.

“SHINE” is available now. Follow Christinna O on Instagram.