With their characteristic brand of dystopian garage pop, Chemtrails are in arrestingly top form on their debut. Recorded and produced in the living room of band members Mua Lust and Laura Orlova (like all of their material to date), Calf Of The Sacred Cow carries all the hallmarks of ripping attitude and raw expression that have always signaled the band as so great.

This is Chemtrails at their most expansive. With glimmering sheens and echoing distortion, the group are turning things up to 11 with their most addictive collection of songs yet. There's power pop, there's garage rock, and there's everything inbetween. For an eclectic overdrive with hooks steadfast enough to weather the apocalypse itself, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone doing it finer.

Calf Of The Sacred Cow is released 9 February via PNKSLM Recordings.