Bones & Bridges pride themselves on being able to seamlessly merge together their invidual tastes and influences, and in doing so they are able to create tracks that sounds like huge, towering walls of warm sound that are laced with boundless pop hooks and bouncing melodies that have a habit of seeping into your subconscious.

On the surface, "Go Figure" seems like a simple R&B-inspired pop jam, but upon closer inspection it becomes apparent that there is a lot going on within the track, where the undercurrent rhythms build subtly before brimming to the surface for the explosive chorus.

However, despite the bubbling synths and soaring melodies, "Go Figure" is really a song that explores heartbreak and how relationships can go awry, as the trio explain "‘Go Figure’ reflects on the feeling of loving and supporting someone with all you’ve got, only to find out they never loved you at all. We drew from various past experiences of being both the hero and the villain in different relationships. We wanted the melancholy in these lyrics to be contrasted by the punchy, uplifting production.”

Ultimately, it's a bonifide, dance-inducing track that shows that the trio mean business.

"Go Figure" is out now and available to listen to on Spotify.