Following on from her 2020 debut single “R.I.P”, on “Casual Sex” BLAB fuses more of her killer guitar riffs and cynical lyrics with her no-nonsense attitude and Essex colloquialisms to relive the regret that comes with giving your time and body to someone who doesn’t always deserve it.

“My nonchalance is just an act / to get you back” BLAB taunts, before revealing her true motive of wanting to soothe the sting of physical loneliness by having “some company for twenty minutes.” Her sharp observations about life have informed her debut album, which she’s currently recording with Sam Duckworth (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly) and Rees Broomfield at SS2 Recording in Essex.

Speaking about her latest single, BLAB explains: “We’ve all been in a situation where you start seeing someone and there’s an ambiguity around where you stand with them and it all becomes a bit messy. 'Casual Sex' is about as honest and blunt as you can get.

“I love the weight of the line 'Casual sex makes me feel depressed,' I feel like it sets the sarcastic and self-destructive tone of the song. It’s about knowing that the person you’re seeing doesn’t give a shit about you, but still seeing them anyway even though it makes you feel crap. Instrumentally and lyrically I love it, it’s one of my favourite songs I’ve written to date; honest, hard-hitting & hooky.”

"Casual Sex" is out now via Cool Thing Records. Find BLAB on Instagram.