The noise-rock trio will drop Au De La on 18 September via their new home of Southern Lord.

Of their recent signing, the band say: “As artists, it is extremely validating that Southern Lord Recordings is so keen to be working with us. Since the inception of our band, we have been working relentlessly on our craft and to now be recognized by our peers, we could not be happier. Being so incredibly pleased to be working Southern Lord for this new record, it also gives us so much hope for what is to come next. With a label that has put out so many innovative and genre-defying records and a pronounced supporter of experimental heavy music, as a band and sound creators, our sonic exploration and experimentation can only continue to flourish. All possible pressures of limitations abolished, we feel honoured, inspired and the future is bright.” 

"On The By And By And Thereon" is an abyssal chasm of grinding guitars and heavyweight percussion. The sharp U-turns on each duelling guitar give it the a cyclic, locomotive nature - as if slowly creeping along rails, or being churned by the tide - while clarion vocals huff and puff, clambering free from the smog below. It's a vivid expanse that BIG | BRAVE have composed, and one that promises a second album full of rich textures and complex depths.

Violinist Jessica Moss (Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra) has collaborated on a number of tracks on the album, with was recorded with the help of Efrim Menuck (Godspeed You! Black Emperor/Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra) at Hotel2Tango. It's their second record in total, following Feral Verdure.

Stream "On The By And By And Thereon" below.


1. On The By And By And Thereon
2. Look At How The World Has Made A Change
4. And As The Waters Go
5. (re)Collection Part II