Katie Iannitello, the singer/songwriter behind Beauty Queen, was born in Maui, Hawaii and is now based in Los Angeles. Her sound is packed with vintage charm and with “Two Of Us” on the cards she’s picking up the pace of her dreamy sonic landscapes.

“Two Of Us” is the second track the singer/songwriter has shared which was co-written and produced by husband-wife duo Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, of the band Tennis, in their Denver, Colorado home studio. The first, “Sweet Memory”, is similarly wrapped up in layers of nostalgic synths with a soft rock core.

Accompanied by a music video which is sure to make even the most cynical smile, at least a little, it follows a pair of loved-up sasquatches who are on their “day out” (hence the shaving), Beauty Queen explains.

This latest release really builds and expands the Beauty Queen universe, a fitting follow-up to her debut EP Out Of Touch, which dropped last summer.

"Two Of Us" is out today via Sleep Well Records. Find Beauty Queen on Facebook.