The Scottish trio - featuring Charlotte Brimner (programming, guitar, keys, vocals), James Smith (keyboard, bass), and David Calder (drums) - pilfer titbits from a diverse array of sonic styles. "One Drop" is a bewitching amalgamation of pop, hip-hop, beatboxed rhythms, indie, and electro that forces you to stop in your tracks.

It's a hyperactive beast built from pure kinetic power and a primal urgency, with duelling rhythms all vying for control of your body - it's impossible to resist. If that wasn't enough, Brimner's vocals sucker punch your senses at every turn, flitting from rap to Regina Spektor-y chirrups to a golden pop croon. You'll need dozens of listens before you figure out everything that's going on, but somehow it's never cluttered. Everything is there for a reason, serving a purpose.


13 - Eurosonic - Netherlands
14 - Hamburg - Germany
15 - MaisonSage - Paris
18 - FluxBau -Berlin


15 - Madhatters -Inverness
16 - PJ Molloys - Dunfermline
17 - Garage - Glasgow
18 - Electric Circus - Edinburgh
19 - Lemon Tree - Aberdeen


3 - Carnival56 event launch - Fat Sams - Dundee

"One Drop" is out 20 January via AWAl/Kobalt Label Service.