The band - Patrick Hart and Tucker Tota - weave wobbly electronics and titanic sheets of distortion on "Time To Get Lost", their new track peering into the seedy underbelly of 2016's seismic political shifts, specifically the blubbering, blustering one close to home. It's a grand cut with cinematic motifs aplenty, but there's a claustrophobic intimacy in their music - it's full of dynamic tides and stylistic right angles and bolshy chaos.

"Whenever I catch myself feeling feelings I try to stop and think about how to express them through music or writing, and there were a lot of feelings about this election," says Tota. "This song is definitely an expression of anger at the outcome. Anger towards a broken system. Towards a person who is somehow expected to represent me. Obama said in his farewell address that 'citizen' is the highest office in a democracy. This is a song about remembering who’s in charge."

"Time To Get Lost" is out on 17 March via 10K Islands.