The affecting electro cut winds a barely-there vocal across an ambient and pulsating backbeat with euphoric drops and rises.

​"I​t is about the in-between moments, when you suddenly have no clue of where you are and what is happening," the band tell us. "And wanting this solid feeling of something real or constant but everything is ephemeral. But then one cannot do anything but drift, and wait and see what may come, although there seems only a liquid wasteland to await you. It is a very powerful feeling but also kind of scary."

The HVALREKI series is a set of digital releases from Bedroom Community that, we're told, "strip away visual design, packaging, and manufacturing processes." In Icelandic, hvalreki translates as "beached whale"  and in days past, such a find could sustain an entire village through winter. aYia's release follows "Scent Opera" by Nico Muhly & [label founder] Valgeir Sigurðsson.

Catch aYia at Iceland Airwaves this year along with three shows in Ireland - at Gulpd, Cork (5 October), Hard Working Class Heroes Festival, Dublin (6 October) and Connolly's Of Leap, Cork (8 October).