Since starting their experimental-pop outfit in 2018, Charlie Brown (frontman and multi-instrumentalist) and Jules Konieczny (backing vocals and multi-instrumentalist) have together crafted an addictive indie-pop sound that is flecked with buoyant hooks and spirited synths.

In November 2020, the duo dropped their debut album Always In My Head, track-listing eight silky smooth alt-pop songs. The sombre album standout, “Without Your Love” put APRE onto indie music’s radar and the band have since been taking their avant-pop sound to new heights.

While psychedelic riffs, autotuned harmonies, and quirky graphics have become somewhat of an expectation with an APRE release, their new body of work documents a return to the beginning. Upon splitting from their major label and respective long-term relationships, the duo hit the ground running with the bittersweet momentum of a fresh start.

“You just have these times when there’s a surge of creative force,” comments Jules of writing and recording the material only a week after the events. “You’ve got to drop everything, otherwise the songs are going to leave.”

The result of their energies is A001 – a nine-track mixtape set for release in February. “Waste My Time” is the third single to be pulled from the project, and it’s packed with cinematic visuals.

As the follow-up to previous mixtape singles “All Mine” and “You”, the track swiftly follows with an idiosyncratic music video full of retro images and vibrant VHS-style glitches. APRE glorify the ‘80s with their quirky visuals and ride-along lyrics while the synths and vocal delivery across this track are far too perfect to go unnoticed.

Exploring the perils of a sticky breakup, across “Waste my Time” juxtaposes a sad experience with a buoyant bedroom-pop track that encourages you to dance with tears in your eyes.

Speaking about the track, APRE detail "’Waste My Time’ is about big egos and how they take over and control you and you don’t realise it until it's too late, leaving you taken advantage of, making it even harder to remove yourself from the relationship because you are trapped by their ego, almost forcing their morals and beliefs to become your own.”

“Waste My Time” is out now, with the new mixtape A001 set for release on 1 February. Find APRE on Instagram and catch them live at The Social on 9 November.