Any Other is the moniker for 24-year-old Italian musician Adele Nigro. She is an artist who has an incredible ability to deliver emotion in her songs in a way that is not only relatable in its stripped-back honesty, but is also unfraid to show the uglier sides of passion.

"Walkthrough" sees Nigro voyage through a kaleidoscope of feelings, presenting them in all of their complexity. After an interlude of vibrant, uplifting brass, she breaks out in fiery frustration and anger, exploding as she shouts "I asked you f*ck me as hard as you can / I wouldn't feel anything", before withdrawing into a plea of "I asked you love me as hard as you can". There's a vulnerability playing within the layers of wondrous melody that draw you to Nigro as she invites you to inspect her deepest thoughts.

"Walkthrough" is speckled with jazz-inspired melodies and syncopated drumbeats that counteract the numbness, vulnerability and bitterness that is present within the lyrics. Ultimately, the track shows how Nigro has matured as a musician and is pushing the boundaries of what she can do with her songs, and it perfectly lays the pathway for what looks to be a very exciting new chapter for Any Other.

The song is taken from Any Other's second album, entitled Two, Geography, which is due out later this year. Any Other will also be going on tour in Europe, including shows in the UK across September and October of this year. Check here for the full list of dates.

Two, Geography will be released on 14 September via 42 Records.