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Amanda Delara discusses the politics and attitude behind stunning new single "New Generation"

01 June 2017, 09:30 | Written by Andrew Hannah

Following on from her fantastic track "Dirhamz", Norwegian-Iranian singer Amanda Delara is back with a bang on her new single.

"New Generation" is bursting with attitude right from the start; over beats mixing eastern sounds and R&B strut, Delara delivers a perfect vocal filled with diva class but also packing a forceful hip-hop-influenced cadence.

The song appears to be warning that Delara and her "New Generation" need to be heard. It also tells a story of her mother's Iranian upbringing soundtracked by bombs falling, yet not being able to express herself politically. "New Generation" is a powerful track from an artist who is quickly becoming essential listening.

We caught up with Amanda recently to ask her a few questions about her new single.

So just who is Amanda Delara?

"I’m a Norwegian-based 19 year old of Iranian descent who’s driven by a passion for music and art, and a desire to engage and comment on the world around me. An artist who wants to make music that pushes the envelope, tests boundaries and makes people think. A woman who sees herself as part of a New Generation that strive to address the ongoing issues affecting communities across the world head on, rather than escape from them."

What separates you from other artist?

"Right now I wanna be that girl who dares to say the stuff that a lot of people are sitting inside with, but they don’t find courage to say. That’s one of the main reasons why I’m making music - not just because I love my craft but because I believe in art that says something about this world we’re in. I know that so many songs talk about love, and that this is the fastest way to win the average human heart, as it is a topic that is so easily relatable. But I truly believe that with a world in such political upheaval, now is the time for music with a purpose and a message."

Who or what influences you?

"It can be everything from politicians to people close to me in life to everyday objects. My friends and family and their experiences are one of the biggest influences on me and the songs I write. But then some songs are inspired by people I don’t know personally, but read about – people who make me angry because I see them use and abuse their power to spread hatred or third world problems, or people who I admire for their inspirational actions and words. On the other hand I wrote a song not so long ago about the moon, haha, and how I love it more than people…."

What can you tell us about "New Generation”?

"In general I’m not really into explaining lyrics. I want everyone to find their own meaning to the song. But speaking of 'New Geneartion' specifically, there was something I read Cher say that resonated with me: 'You’ve got to pray that old people die before young people can get involved'. It’s kinda brutal but true. And it’s something I’ve caught myself thinking several times. I believe in a New Generation who will make a big difference. One who will build bridges, fight for equality, care for each other, and love ourselves. I’m surrounded by so many young, intelligent and open minded people who I see as the ones to bring a brighter future.

Your last single "Dirhamz" was quite politically and socially aware, is that important to your music?

"What’s important to my music is that I get to express my feelings through my songs, because that’s what my music is to me, it reflects my feelings. This means that political and social awareness won’t necessarily be important to all of my music in the future, but right now it is, because I’m a 19 year old girl sitting with a lot of questions. For all I know, one day I’ll get my heart broken, and suddenly I’ll be writing love songs!"

What are your plans for 2017?

"I’m doing my first festival summer this year, so that’s pretty exciting! Furthermore I’m just gonna release new music, tour and continue working hard and reaching my goals. I’m also going to play my first ever headliner show, which will be in Copenhagen October 26th! Looking forward to all of it!"

"New Generation" is out tomorrow via Sony Music Norway.
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