"[I'm] very excited to see people reacting to 'still mine'; to me pushing the queer POC narrative. We exist, we get heartbroken, and we expect to have songs that reflect just that," says alextbh of his latest track, the stunningly executed R&B wonder that is "still mine".

Dripping with laid-back beats that seem to have been plucked from an early Millenium R&B track whilst a deep, funk-speckled bass glitters in the background, "still mine" glimmers with lust and longing.

alextbh's vocals are glossy and glow with pop-infused promise, akin to that of an early Justin Timberlake (we're talking "Rock Your Body" era), and act as an example of alextbh confidently embodying his position as a rising star with a voice to make change.

Ultimately, "still mine" is a subtle, but important act of resistance and strength from this outstanding and determined 21-year-old. It's also an absolute banger.

"Still Mine" is out now and available to listen to on Spotify.