Made up of Swedes Ted Malmros (bass & percussion; also of the Shout Out Louds), drummer Victor Hvidfeldt and American Sarah Snavely (voice, synth, drones, bass, violin and guitar, formerly of Dag för Dag) A Nighthawk have released a couple of EPs since 2013 but are now ready to release their debut album Ice in the Belly, Fire in the Mind next month.

"Coming For You" is a fine example of what can be done within an economy of music and lyrics; for three minutes all we get is a repetitive twinkling motif of synths, a rumble of bass and guitar and The Knife-style percussive breaks while Snavely repeats the title of the song over and over...well, not so much repeats as portentously intones "are we coming for you?" in a desperate sort of manner that's as appealing as it is unsettling.

There's elements of the modern pop plied by Lykke Li and Susanne Sundfør in the style of A Nighthawk but what really shines is the way this trio make drama out of not very much at all. The band talks of fire and blood in their music, and on the evidence of this track it's easy to see why. Listen below.


"Coming For You" is out 26 February, the same day as debut album Ice in the Belly, Fire in the Mind. Both via Dead Dandelion Collective.