Weinbergspark (Vineyard Park) in the heart of Berlin is the direct inspiration for A Festival, A Parade's latest cut from their upcoming EP Stay Away From Me.

It’s a place where families peacefully gather by the lily pond during the day, then as night falls, transforms into a drinking and dancing retreat for young adults. This disparity is captured in "The Vineyard"’s fuzzy, untamed guitar tones and a melodic ambience that fluctuates between the tranquil and the feral.

The accompanying video shows a beer bottle costume-clad bassist Ollie Winn embarking on a drunken adventure across Newcastle, stopping at the park, the golf range and The Toon’s most beloved venue The Cluny, before collapsing on a toilet.

Speaking about the new visuals, the band explain, “"The Vineyard" video is basically, following someone on a quest for happiness, and failing to do so. It’s a bit of a light hearted insight into the typical, conventional routes to happiness, and how they’re not all that they’re made up to be.”

"The Vineyard" is available everywhere now. A Festival, A Parade's Stay Away From Me EP arrives on 26 October via Tipping Point Records. Find out more.