“BLABLABLA” is a psychedelic mesh that ultimately defies musical boundaries, from poppy guitar to futuristic synth melodies and punchy drums, which are even reminiscent of afro-beat in the song’s bridge. The theremin counter melody adds an extra kaleidoscopic dimension to the track, making 3 South & Banana stand out from his experimental psych-pop peers.

The underlying theme of meditation in “BLABLABLA” may seem counterintuitive considering the upbeat nature of the song, however, Aurélien Bernard describes the track as “a reference to the chattering mind, as perceived when one starts to engage with one’s own mind from a meditative perspective, and how it is possible to have experiences of stillness that transcend the internal clutter with moments of peace, it can be profoundly liberating.”

“BLABLABLA” is out now. Find 3 South & Banana on Facebook.