Creating a world all of their own, 0171's music has a beguiling bedroom quality. “SMTHN RL” is intimate and universal all at once as vocalist Hoare yearns for something tangible rather than affection through a handheld device.

The accompanying video contradicts the track’s message somewhat as we fly around the world through the wonders of Google Street View, highlighting our ever-increasing technological advances.

“We like to sing about nostalgia, looking back at your life, memory, and how that shifts and changes,” say the duo. “We’re building memories upon memories, storing them, and then forgetting about them. Like the pile of old phones you have in your parents' house. Or all the stuff you’ve made, which you record on hard drives but leave in a room. There are all these forgotten fragments that were once part of who you were. We try to put those things at the centre of our music.”

After their captivating debut “1000 Words”, the pair continue to deliver atmospheric, relatable narratives that draw comparisons to other nocturnal artists such as Rhye and SOHN.

"SMTHN RL" is out now and their debut EP is due for self-release on 17 May. Find 0171 on Facebook.