Joakim Nørgaard and Anton Falck have already built a reputation for grimly romatinc pop music thanks to their self titled EP and its follow-up The Mind Of A Gemini.

Their take on '80s synthpop is perhaps influenced by their relationship with the likes of fellow Copenhagen-based acts Iceage and Lust For Youth, which means that any beautiful moments (which often come from singer Falck's flat, spoken-word interludes shot through with regret) are tempered with realism. For a further reference point, the wistful harmonicas on tracks like "The One" recall the Balearic beats of Korallreven, or New Order at their most lovelorn.

You can listen to the excellent A Prayer For The Unemployed in full below.

A Prayer For The Unemployed will be out 12 May via Escho Records. First Hate will be touring the UK in late May and early June, dates and tickets can be found here.