“Give me your hand and I’ll take you with me on this dream…” That line, taken from Daniel Wilson’s brilliant “Please Dream Again” is not just a harbinger of the song’s impending whistle-fueled implosion, it’s also something of a mission statement for the Michigander’s Young Rubbish EP, premiering today on Best Fit.

BEST FIT PREMIEREWilson is proving himself quite skilled at creating soundscapes that inhabit the space between dreams and reality. This is clearly evident on the meditative, slow-burning trifecta of “Will You”, “Please Dream Again”, and “Trigger Dance” that opens the album. Placed in their proper context, the subtle, snappy swing of “Will You” and the tense minimalism of “Please Dream Again” sound more alive than ever.

The star of the new tracks is the (ironically titled?) “Young Rubbish”, an ode to youth and staying “ungrown” that sees Wilson expand on his minimalist tendencies to produce his fullest and, perhaps not coincidentally, catchiest song yet. Featuring smooth guitar and huge layered vocals, this one will hit you right in the heart. Taken with “If You Talk”, the EP’s ‘bonus track’, the title track gives us a glimpse of the astounding range Wilson is comfortable working in. If Young Rubbish is any indication, we have much to look forward to. Here’s to youth and young rubbish.

Young Rubbish EP is out today via Zap Records. You can catch Wilson live at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn on 1 April.