As the founder of Church, one of London’s hottest monthly parties, Seb Wildblood knows a thing or two about how to get a crowd going. As a producer, Seb builds these dark pulsating rhythms intertwining fluid vocal arrangements, sexy claps and hollowed out clinks that dance along the pitch shift spectrum.

Racing reverberations, echoing drops and a desire to make the bodies on the dancefloor throb, Seb Wildblood knew exactly what mood he was going for when crafting this release. Showcasing a unique brand of tech-hosue music that is hot with a capital “H”, Seb Wildblood’s Töreki EP is a gem you need in your collection.

Seb Wildblood’s four track, Töreki EP, which includes remixes by Artifact and Thefft, is out 25th March via MadTech Records.