Made up of Ed and Gee - who both take on drums and synth duties - AK/DK's approach is to be relentlessly in the red 100% of the time, and as a result Patterns/Harmonics is quite the experience. Psychedelic, punky, electronic - it's AK/DK's best work to date.

“We're so happy to share our new record; it was recorded live in the studio like the first record, but this time we've added more vocal elements,” say AK/DK. “Lyrical themes touch on consumerism, politics, and the relationship between maths and sound. Of course it's all stitched together with a healthy dose of synths and drums!"
Patterns/Harmonics is out tomorrow. You can order the album via Bandcamp. AK/DK start a short tour of England at Brighton's Green Door Store on 24 October. Dates and tickets here.