HÅN comes from a small town near Lake Garda in the North of Italy, and it's here where her wistful and enchanting music takes shape. Her writing process is purposefully complex, so that her lyrics can take on meanings that listeners choose to associate. Explaining her process, she says: "When I write something I'm used to building lines in a way that the final song is a complex of concepts that stands on its own. I like every line to have its own life."

Speaking of "The Children" specifically, she explains it: "Is like someone running away from the things that they know and from the place in which they always been, becoming aware of the oppression of 'the safe place'. At the same time, they feel like they’re inevitably bound to their home. It’s a kind of ambivalent feeling of both growing and missing what you leave by living this process."

Her rural roots sure play a part in the delicate nature of "The Children" and its easy to hear the influence of the Italian countryside in "The Children", evocative of snow-capped peaks, deep blue water, and days laid out under the sun.

"The Children" is out 19 May via Factory Flaws.