Hometown: Brooklyn
Lineup: Unknown
For fans of: Slowdive, Interpol, The Cure
Key track: ‘Time’, ‘Waves’
See them live: Glass Gang are yet to announce any live dates
Connect: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter | Tumblr

New York as a whole has spawned some of the most aesthetically pleasing rock groups of the past decade, from the Converse and battered leather jackets of Casablancas and co. to Carlos D’s pin-sharp SS chic, the city that never sleeps doesn’t miss a trick when it comes to style. Now we can confidently place Brooklyn trio, Glass Gang, on that endless ream of iconic looks and icy cool sounds.

Having introduced themselves with a curt email earlier this month, asking us to consider their debut track, the sloshy, psychey ‘Waves’, attaching a shot of their black and leather clad lower legs, the band have gone on to air another discordant cut, ‘Time’ whilst confirming a further two free-to-download singles are on the way.

Taking cues from the likes of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine, Glass Gang combine melting synths with sparsely ticking percussion and spooling guitar strokes for that quintessential shoegaze sound. ‘Waves’ is the more robust of the two, but ‘Time’s narcoleptic melody, rich with atmospheric post-rock lulls makes for a warmer, more connective listen.

They’re gradually revealing more of their identity through these jigsaw-like monochrome press shots but don’t be surprised if their full personas aren’t known until the end of this dark, intoxicating series.