Copenhagen three-piece Shiny Darkly return with a video for their sinister 8-minute droning epic “Dead Stars.”

-Having released their self-titled EP last year, the Danish purveyors of all things gloom, pysch and drone remind us just what rock ‘n’ roll should be – frenzied, on the brink of collapse, chaotic and frayed around the edges. Dark intensity of this calibre is a rare thing: Savages’ Jehnny Beth has it, Nick Cave has it, Suicide have it and based on the evidence we’ve heard so far, Shiny Darkly’s Kristoffer Bech certainly has it.

Backed by Mads Lassen on drums and Oliver Matthew Volz on bass, the twisting sprawl that is “Dead Stars” has the perfect noir accompaniment in the black and white visuals of the Jonas Bang/band produced video.

The Dead Stars EP is out now via Crunchy Frog of Copenhagen. Order the 12″ here or get your digital copy here.