The duo - Karin Sveinsdóttir and Logi Stefánsson - met when Stefánsson was on the judging panel at a high school singing competition. Sveinsdóttir lost but got a call from her future band mate some weeks later. “ff. I guess it was kind of written in the stars that we should do something together,” she told Best Fit last year, “…It all felt really natural.”

They’re part of the line-up announced yesterday for Roskilde and our session with the young Icelanders was cut on a very sober morning after the close of last year’s Airwaves. We met Sveinsdóttir and Stefánsson (who brought his brother Uni to help out) - at the Ólöf Arnalds-co-founded performance space Mengi for a nuanced cut of the debut track “Hearts”, which you can watch above.

The n1 EP is out now via Pannonica/Bella Union. Special thanks to Ólöf Arnalds and Mengi.