The charming lo-fi miserabilism of Benjamin Shaw’s recent There’s Always Hope, There’s Always Cabernet was one of the unsung highlights of last year. It’s a record that’s both wonderful and confusing in equal measures – but embrace the chaos and you’ll be swept away by its magnificence.

We picked (on purpose, of course) one of the most beautiful Saturdays in Autumn for a bit of film-making with Shaw. In the stunning London Fields – a jewel of East London’s suburban parks – we set up shop on a bench and Shaw delivered a perfectly wonderful take on one of There’s Always Hope, There’s Always Cabernet‘s memorable tracks.

We’ll leave Shaw himself to have the last word on the song:

Sometimes, when you aren’t very good at coming up with accomplished ideas, you have to rely on cheap and vacant one liners. Like a modern day David Cameron, I have leapt without shame into this concept. A clever pun here, a razor sharp social comment there, I am the best. I am also so tired and miserable I want to throw up. I sometimes think this song should be called “How to Test the Depth of Your Audience’s Patience.