Our collective admiration for Lykke Li is almost limitless. We were enchanted by Youth Novels and have been similarly hypnotised by new album Wounded Rhymes.

Significantly, our approach to sessions was that each video should ally itself to a high set of production values and we would hand-pick the artists we would film, drawing from a list of our favourites alongside the best in new music. The concept of the ‘dream’ session was always there: those people and bands who meant something incredibly special to all of us personally involved in the sessions – the ones we would pull out all the stops to work with.

Lykke Li was always top of our list and we trawled the length and breadth of London to find somewhere awesome for her session. And we did, in a twisted cave of beautifully fucked-up Victoriana and macabre antiques – the stuff of nightmares. Li gave us a unique performance of latest single ‘I Follow Rivers’ in a session that’s mesmerising, intense and emotionally wrought. Watch above.

Wounded Rhymes is out now on Atlantic/LL Records.