It’s clear from the get go that Haim’s sold out show at Alexandra Palace is going to be a riot. Upon arrival the atmosphere is electric and we’re treated to our own special version of mass karaoke as 80s anthems are turned out on the tannoy, amping us up for our turn in the Sister Sister Sister Tour. As the stage is set, a single spotlight illuminates Danielle Haim who charges into a percussion introduction, inviting her sisters to join in. Seamlessly segueing into ‘Falling’ we are reminded of the band’s power and prowess while ‘Don’t Save Me’ and ‘Little Of Your Love’ quickly whip us in to a frenzy. Older songs like ‘My Song 5’ are brilliant but it’s the immense showmanship that elevates tonight’s performance. Unlike the albums, the singing responsibilities are split giving each sister a moment to shine on their own: Este Haim’s vocal on ‘Ready For You’ is angelic.

However, it’s when they come together that they are at their most impactful. Whether it’s playfully arguing their individual influence on the band or improvising a song about Snickers, we are reminded of their strong sisterly bond throughout. ‘Want You Back’, with its luxurious harmonies, is the epitome of this. It’s clear that tonight’s show is an overwhelming one and the band proudly vocalise this: ‘If you told me in 2011 that we’d be at Ally Pally, I’d say F*** Off’. Following with title track ‘Something To Tell You’ and the Fleetwood Mac inspired ‘Nothing’s Wrong’, the set falls to a slightly slower pace, giving us a bit of a breather, before finishing with incredible older cuts ‘Forever’ and ‘The Wire’.

Welcomed back for a highly deserved encore, we shift our focus to the centre of the room as Haim magically appear on a smaller stage and show us their softer sides with the stripped back ‘Night So Long’. Running back to the main stage and lead gallantly by Alana Haim, ‘Found It In Silence’ is vital as she paces the front barrier hugging and singing with her adoring fans. Wrapping up with ‘Right Now’ we are once again reminded of their amazing musician– and showmanship as they switch subdued synths for electric guitars and an amazing drum outro.

With the help of confetti the show comes to an end and, as we leave, snippets of their songs can be heard throughout the crowd almost as if each musical hook is digging deeper in. Haim’s energy on stage is infectious, their songs are unforgettable and their talent is enviable. On record Haim are amazing but tonight, live in London, they are fantastic.