Yes, it’s well established she’s a Norwegian revelation with bolshy lyrics and contagious melodies. Sure, she’s set to be the next big thing of 2018; no one dare attest it. So what can I squeeze from an already wringed-out cloth?

Well, what Sigrid’s music has achieved is something to talk about. With her debut EP Sigrid has vocalised a problem that’s been festering at the core of the music industry since its beginnings; for too long female artists have been subject to manipulation and oppression from men in positions of power. “You shut me down / you like the control / you speak to me like I’m a child / try to hold it down I know the answer / I can shake it off and you feel threatened by me” is a striking revolt to the opening of title track “Don’t Kill My Vibe”, arming female listeners with an anthem to get riled up on and effect change in their own lives.

We see other artists coming to the fore on the subject of debasement in young female musicians, but whilst the likes of Kate Nash are exiting the industry and harbouring it from the outside, Sigrid is taking stand within enemy lines. She has proven you can climb to the top of a largely male dominated chart with songs based on female subjugation and I can’t think of a more fitting middle finger to those who have tried to “tear her down”.