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Will Joseph Cook stamps his name on the indie rock scene with Every Single Thing

"Every Single Thing"

Release date: 10 June 2022
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13 June 2022, 06:46 Written by Lana Williams
Exuberant indie artist Will Joseph Cook has firmly stamped his name on the indie rock scene.

With his exercises into existential crises laden with unwavering optimism that make for a colourful musical journey, at only 24 years old, the singer-songwriter has seen TikTok fame with his bubbling cut “Be Around Me” and has found himself selling out venues around the UK.

Following on from his previous full-length release, Something To Feel Good About, his latest record Every Single Thing stands as his most mature craft to date and pin-points Cook’s evolution as a musician. Complete with a dozen tracks of delicate introspections, Every Single Thing offers a delightful deep-dive into the psyche of the shimmering solo artist and puts on display his uncanny ability to produce catchy pop-infused numbers.

On the process of writing this third record, Cook divulges, ““I’ve learnt a lot. I feel a lot more grounded. Life is never easy, but at least I have a better understanding of what is going to send me down a specific path. At the moment, I'm grateful for where I'm at now. I'm making album three. I've survived. I am an artist.”

The first song to be written for the record, and opening track, “Little Miss” radiates pure pop energy as he personifies inanimate objects in lamentations of jealousy and loss. “My records don’t sound the same” he croons, before stating “I feel so ill without you / my pillows still talk about you when you’re gone’, as he declares his love for “every single thing about you” (a theme that is carried through third track “Gummy”). Complete with a persistent and catchy rhythm section, “Little Miss” perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the record, before transporting us immediately into the up-beat soundscape of the infectious “Kisses”.

Fourth track “Be Around Me” opens with breezy and simple musings, with the lyric “Hey, how was your day”, Cook immediately plummets into his poetic, dream-pop sound. Featuring the delicate vocals of American singer-songwriter chloe moriondo, the duo’s tones and intonations work together seamlessly to create a jubilant atmosphere of romanticism.

Boasting bass lines reminiscent of Canadian rockers Peach Pit, the sharp “Bop” speaks on living in the moment and embracing the love and affection you can have for another, where “Easy Undone” takes a more delicate stride and changes the tone of the album.

“Easy Undone” and “Today, It’s Raining” mark the turning point of the record, as Cook opts for a more bedroom-pop infused sound and focusses on delivering breezy melodies and addictive hooks. With “Goofing Around”, Cook is at his most emotionally vulnerable as he wears his heart on his sleeve and carries on from the infatuation found earlier in the record (“Gummy” and “Little Miss”).

In the penultimate “4am”, Cook pulls us with him into his orbit around his love, “You are the sun / I’m orbiting around / just like the moon / I’m gravity bound”. Whilst being less lyric heavy, the narrative of the track is perhaps one of the most weighted on the record with its slower rhythm and emotion-fuelled narrative.

Closing track “Guaranteed” searches for silver linings. With lyrics such as “show me a blessing in disguise” and “what the hell is love?”, the cut is Cook’s last effort at defining and making sense of love. “Guaranteed” is the shortest number on the record yet still maintains the still poignancy that comes before it.

In all, Every Single Thing is a welcomed whirlwind of summer romance, embracing the little moments in life and the euphoria that accompanies. Each track is carefully curated and placed, creating an album based around the life of Will Joseph Cook’, and what an authentic, enthralling one it is.

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