Hailing from France and the Netherlands, Anton Louis Jr and Melody Van Kappers play soft, cutesy acoustic folk ditties as The Narcoleptic Dancers. The French-Dutch duo’s relationship is shrouded in mystery, apparently naming the band after the nickname of their famous footballer father the two may or may not be brother and sister. Either way the hazy, electro tinged folk melodies offered up on their debut Not Evident EP are kooky and hauntingly infectious.

With husky cooing vocals as haunting as Sol Seppy’s, Melody’s sweet yet eerie vocals punctuate Anton’s sparse percussive taps on the shimmering number ‘Unique Tree.’ An absolute highlight, this song hints at a serious talent brewing beneath the surface; its beautifully soft concoction of rattling tambourines, keys and handclaps filter through timid vocals tinged with nostalgia and a childlike innocence.

This release does however verge dangerously on the twee side at points, particularly so on the ‘Rastakraut’ demo and the title track as the gently swaying rhythm guitar is interspersed with generated handclaps and “la-la-la” vocals. Their kind of Saint Etienne inspired dream pop is neither as sincere, complex nor honest as their contemporaries which means that whilst it is pleasant enough its just doesn’t have that distinctive exciting mark of originality.