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"You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me EP"

Team Ghost – You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me EP
14 May 2010, 11:00 Written by Gina Louise

Like all good shoegaze artists, Team Ghost are big believers in a bit of hybridity, blending trademark guitar riffs with a touch of the electronic. You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me starts as it means to go on, building layer upon layer of instruments and samples until it hits a back-breaking crescendo that gradually comes into focus. The backing melody is mildly reminiscent of Oldfields’ Tubular Bells, and perfectly compliments the two note fore front synths that could prove a little repetitive without a melodic respite.

The EP then careers into ‘A Glorious Time’, a homage to Jesus and the Mary Chain’s heavy guitar riff openings, balanced nicely with emotional lyrics and soft harmonies. You can’t help but take the advice of Fromageau and “leave it all behind you”, as you sink into the evocative hazy mesh of indie sounds. The battle between feedback and vocals isn’t resolved in this song, and spans the entire length of the EP.

The French interlude provides a more thoughtful, ambient tone, with whispering lyrics and romantic melodies. The softer ‘Echoes’ allows the shoegaze element of the work to take a bit of a back seat, bringing in some classic Cure guitar work in lieu of TG’s habitual synths. It is on this song that their consistently quiet vocals are paired with a dirty Molko-esque sound.

This is perhaps where the EP loses its way a little, as the heavier drum beats of ‘Only You Can Break My Heart’ weren’t altogether befitting. In an odd consortium of emo melodies and rocky guitars, the track sounded far too epic for the simple intensity that Team Ghost have managed to convey so well on the rest of their songs. Thankfully, it doesn’t take long for them to sink back into their comfort zone of electronically based shoegaze, and as soon as the song is over the EP verges into some Eno-esque vocals and some piercing synths.

Electronica and shoegaze are a pair that I would never initially have whacked together in my pre-music fanatic days, but lo and behold they are a couple well prepared for marital bliss. Team Ghost look set to be following in the footsteps of Jesus and the Mary Chain or My Bloody Valentine, as You Never Did Anything To Hurt Me is an indulgently lo-fi, feedback saturated collection, full of simple yet evocative songs. When you manage to pull off bland with so much vigour, you’re sure to be onto something good.

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