With references to The Goonies and J. J. Abrams’ Super 8, the sci-fi narrative is nostalgic whilst futuristic, with aliens, parallel universes (the upside down) and a cast of fantastic unknown children who are destined for stardom. To accompany this visual masterpiece, we have a soundtrack by none other than Austin, Texas’ four-piece, S U R V I V E, consisting of Adam Jones, Kyle Dixon, Mark Donica & Michael Stein.

Following their formation in 2009 and the release of numerous full-length LPs and EPs, the quartet have dipped in and out of the public eye; tracks such as "Omniverse" and "Hourglass" grabbing our attention back in 2012. It's taken some time but now, with their collaboration alongside those behind the scenes of Stranger Things, we’ve been reintroduced to their latest offering of 80’s-inspired musical delights. The soundtrack to the series itself sets the tone for what’s to come; 808 synths warped with a lo-fi undertone to connote the mysteries and mise-en-scène on screen.

As a celebration, and to make use of their recent reemergence to the spotlight, S U R V I V E have brought us RR7349 - nine tracks of pure electronic hypnosis that emulates their offerings on Stranger Things while referencing their previous material and capturing our attention, making an authentic, muddy footprint in the world of poorly produced electronic music saturating our airwaves.

There are tracks such as "A.H.B" that pulsate through your veins and build climatically with resonances and cut-off filters, creating a sense of calm beneath the expected tension, while noise-based drones such as "Low Fog" and "Dirt" keep the listener transfixed in a meditative state of calm, riding the metaphorical wave amongst a cacophony of analog madness.

This is certainly an extension of what we’ve come to learn and love about S U R V I V E over recent years and is no shock to the system. They’re pushing the boundaries and reinterpreting music in an exciting way within the digital age, making us pause to rethink and reminisce what was special about a specific age of music and the amazing technology that has come before. Their collaboration with Stranger Things is fantastic and paints a perfect picture to represent their music and ideology; ongoing and enthralling events that keep you hooked and wanting more.