We haven't heard from SKWBN for a while. So it’s no surprise that their sound has gone through some changes. For the better, I would say. Their previous EP was a litte too lo-fi and cute, a little too cheerful and a little too much sing-a-long and not enough substance. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the cheerful and sing-a-longs, but when it all gets too much it feels like you just ate all your favourite dishes and deserts at once.Not this time, however. The opening track, '1999', is a disco kind of thing with toy trumpets and sloppy percussion. Who can resist that? The following track, 'Studenter På Flak' (Students on truck beds, roughly translated) is a litte more subtle and bitter, in a way.  The lyrics are about feeling trapped in your city, Stockholm in this case. And I for one can relate to that. It’s a beautiful song in it’s own little way with lonesome whistles and Pet Shop Boys-pianos. The following two songs, 'Europe' and 'World Music' feel connected in their mood. The first, a laid back piece with a gently swinging rhythm, the second is the strongest track on the EP with wonderful africa rhythms and backing vocals.Suburban Kid's new EP feels like the slightly more confused younger brother of Night Falls Over Kortedala, Jens Lekmans latest masterpiece. The production is similar, an attractive mix of congas, cut up vioce samples and flutes. The lyrics jump between the tragic and the humorous. Much like Jens, Johan Hedberg and Peter Gunnarson describe the simple everyday life in charming way, just not quite as effective. Never the less, #4 is a great step forward for SKWBN, a step towards something genuine and unique, something to look forward too.65%Suburban Kids With Biblical Names on MySpace