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Strawberry Guy creates blissful artistic soundscapes on debut Sun Outside My Window

"Sun Outside My Window"

Release date: 29 October 2021
Strawberry guy sun art
28 October 2021, 09:00 Written by Kieran Macadie
Within the depths of the foliage and toadstools within Liverpool’s city parks, you might stumble across Strawberry Guy (Alex Stephens) contemplating his next chord progression for his romantic inspired, low-fi artistry.

After growing up in South Wales and permanently moving to Liverpool for university in his late teens, Strawberry Guy has proven he’s one of today’s most unique and compelling DIY artists. It was proven with his track "Mrs Magic" becoming a viral sensation on TikTok, causing the track to receive over 50 million Spotify streams. The psychedelic and delicate soundscapes resonated with millions across the video app, and his latest offering proves he’ll always have the knack for creating powerful sonic bliss.

From the start, Sun Outside My Window is filled with gorgeous low-fi beats paired with beautiful piano playing fit for a ballad. The combination of clever DIY field recordings soaked in reverb paired with romantic piano reminiscent of composers such as Tchaikovsky and Bruckner make for a truly special record. This amalgamation of influences doesn’t sound like a cluster of genres, it sounds like something completely new.

The standout title track pairs gorgeous vocal melodies and positive lyrics with sections of advanced piano playing that would work in a pop song, a classical symphony, or even a musical. With this, Strawberry Guy demonstrates his talented musical ability to break down the barriers of genres and blend them into something unique. This continues on the track "Company", with heartfelt lyrics and Beatles-esque melodies, it’s a track that stuns.

The album artwork of the beautiful landscape painting is reflective of the contents. Strawberry Guy’s sound can be compared to a classic piece of artwork, a one-man impressionist effort painting majestic soundscapes full of detail, colour and stimulation. One could go as far to call Sun Outside My Window a timeless masterpiece that could be passed down through the ages.

The sheer talent and intelligence of the quirky Strawberry Guy is neatly displayed in his music that shows his popularity from TikTok just makes sense. The luscious soundscapes throughout not only provoke pure emotion within the listener’s soul, but combined with down-to-earth and very real lyrics, it makes for an enticing listen. Attention from millions through TikTok is only the beginning for Strawberry Guy, as his timeless artistry has the potential to astound the the world.

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