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"Atlantic EP"

Southern Shores – Atlantic EP
25 July 2011, 08:57 Written by Antonio Rowe

Listening habits, personal experience and environment are just three aspects that can inspire/influence a musician’s work. But thanks to Halifax based Southern Shores, claims that environment can have a strong pull on what’s created now seems impossible. Alright, I may be slightly overegging the pudding just a little bit. But given the fact that Southern Shores hail from the snowy Atlantc shores of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It’s a bit of a wonder as to how they manage to create an EP that gives the impression that they were raised in the tropical airs of the mediterranean, with nothing to do but have fun in the sun.

Signed to Cascine, an experimental pop label that’s home to the likes of Chad Valley and Shine 2009 all of which specialising in pop-with-a-tropical-twist. Their music is one akin to the aforementioned acts - a pop, dance and house tribrid drenched in a blissful, carefree reverbed ambience that everyone seems to be using lately. While nostalgia does come into play midly on tracks like ‘Tangier Winds’ and ‘Night is Young’; both of which give off an 80s vibe as a result of the airy and reverbed female vocals; Atlantic EP is more focused on the dancefloor; making its listeners yearn for the sun and the wanderlust that summer can bring.

Opening track ‘Take Me Anywhere’ illustrates this beautifully with it’s hushed but stirring intro before bursting into a steel pan refrain tracks like ‘Grande Comore’ are similar. Atlantic EP doesn’t change the world and nor does it want to. It’s far too busy catching rays and urging you to join in this joyous equatorial party it’s created to bother with all that serious stuff, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll do just that – join in.

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