On Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It, it soon becomes apparent the same things that inspired them in their early days are still very much cherished on their fifth studio album in a decade. Like their debut, their latest is full of twists and turns. Keeping a strong blend of post-rock and post-hardcore at its central point, TWDALWBI is a colourful burst of heavy riffs, swift time signature changes and frantic energy.

Opener "Towards Dawn" is a synth-based instrumental that sees wave after wave of layered sounds suddenly slip into "Aftermath", where Rolo Tomassia show their melodic side, their wide-angled choruses mingling with an off-kilter, jazzy rhythm.

But within "Rituals" it becomes apparent that we were being led into a false sense of calm. Here the album erupts, and we see our first glimpse of the Rolo Tomassi of old - one where heavy, doom-laden riffs are at a premium. Ultimately, this is a band at their peak when their progressive and most virulent tendencies are unleashed, as on both "Balancing The Dark" and "Whispers Among Us", where the heavy riffs are expertly punctured with a series of deathly, growled vocals.

Rolo Tomassi are a band still looking to push themselves further forward creatively, while remaining just as focused on retaining the dramatic core of their sound that has long set them apart from any contemporaries.