Slowdive’s self-titled fourth album was of such a quality it could be held up with their earliest material, whilst LCD Soundsystem returned after (formerly known as a hiatus) splitting in 2011 with American Dream, easily their finest work. But for these ears, it's Ride who have impressed most.

After bowing out with a whimper on their 1996 album Tarantula, each ending of a band containing Ride co-writer/guitarist Andy Bell was greeted with the hope that the shoegaze legends would reform, finally doing so in 2014.

Showing an impressive work ethic and a want to not solely tour sounds of the past, last year's Weather Diaries exceeded expectation - and although can't be compared to their classic Nowhere or Going Blank Again albums, it showed a band re-energized.

The tracks on the Tomorrow's Shore were written during the sessions for that album, but are in no way the left over scraps - each of them could have found their way onto the record rather than presented on this four track (old school!) EP. The crunching "Pulsar' is crammed with anthemic synth work which harks back to their much loved "Ox4", while "Keep it Surreal" is Ride performing as they did in 1989 but with 30 years worth of extra experience behind them.

But it's the other two tracks here which are the most fascinating. "Catch you Dreaming"'s pulsating electronic beat and skeletal guitar work is dreamy, reflective chillwave, but it's "Cold Water People" which is the real highlight. Woozily lysergic in a Mac DeMarco way, with Bell and Mark Gardener's vocals intertwined, the final two minutes of shoegaze synth and guitar work here couldn't be from any other band. However, and essentially, instead of harking back to the past, the sound is that of right now.