Opening track "Nobody Scared" is vibrant and fresh. Their breakout single has such a playful beat that you would be forgiven for not initially realising that there is real depth to the lyrics, which were inspired by Reclaim the Night marches. On closer listen, it is clear that the lyrics are empowering, important and as relevant as ever ("Feel our heart when we let go / Beating fast from the get go").

"Nobody Scared" is certainly the highlight of the EP, featuring a dreamy guitar line - but that's not to say it's all downhill from there. Not at all. Porij's debut mixtape Breakfast, released last year, included confident tracks such as "Dirty Love". Meanwhile, Baby Face also exudes confidence, especially as it is the result of many different ideas and influences being thrown together in a glorious way, as the foursome constantly bounce ideas off one another.

Having met while studying in Manchester, the fact that they enjoyed the creative process can definitely be heard through the four friends' music. The wonky sounding "Divine" centres around self-love after a particularly hurtful (albeit temporary) breakup that vocalist Eggy experienced. It has spoken word elements and summer-y, feel-good vibes. "Can't Stop" is infectious and is guaranteed to have you out on the dancefloor in no time.

Baby Face includes quirky art-pop sounds, which cater to those who love indie, or those who love dance - or even club fans. Their appeal is seemingly vast deftly luminous and polished sonically, the Baby Face EP is another step forward for the newcomers.