Mother is presented as a maternal ode, though overall this seems to be more of a gesture rather than an overarching theme. The most effective way to view this album is as a collection of club-ready bangers that demonstrates long-developed, well-honed production chops.

Many of albums stronger tracks revel in the kind of erratic bizarreness typical of the finest electro, such as the stuttered acid lines on "Altered State" or the frantic glitch sirens of "Shadow Network". The shadow of Detroit legends Drexciya and Transllusion loom heavily over the album, which is a compliment to the technical abilities of the producer, though the album lacks the coherent structure and flow of their finest works.

That being said, "Time Echo" towards the end of the record is a welcome emotional jolt; built upward from a driving filtered bassline, the track continues rising, layered with the kind of Kraftwerkian pads and melodies that the finest Detroit techno was built upon. This leads into the stunning final title track consisting of a delicate harp sample, looping hypnotically and anchored by a simple bass and percussion. The melodic nature of these two tracks both fit the intended concept of the album, as well as providing a satisfying end to the tracklist.

With Mother, a shining talent continues to demonstrate his abilities, and cements his place at the forefront of the current electro resurgence. Looking ahead, it will be interesting to observe a mixing of styles, between the more melodic work evident toward the end of the record and the harsher aesthetics of some of his previous releases, discovering how these elements will marry in a way that benefits a longer running time.