It's the delicate blend of '00s R&B and neo-soul inflections throughout the record that makes it truly mesmerising. Flowing in multiple directions, Maytrix incorporates a multitude of artists and producers to create a fully refined project.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Maydien started making music in 2003, but it wasn't until the release of his debut single “By Me” in 2011 when the industry really started to take notice. After opening for the likes of Anderson .Paak, Frank Ocean and Mick Jenkins, Maydien’s timeless approach to the arts feels like a trophy case of these multifarious influencers. These awards gleam, their polished surfaces glistening under his refined lens.

The choppy samples and innovative percussion on opening track “Maytrix” are reminiscent of Kaytranada’s well edited instrumental style, the melodic funk occasionally broken by a siren wailing in the distance.

Birmingham born ROMderful’s impeccable production on “Super Sick” is infectious, a woozy R&B sensibility that hails back to his SoundCloud days. The lothario-esque line: “I ain't really talking about dancing. I think you know damn well what I’m talking about” is a little cheesy, sure, but the boisterous guitar rhythms and bubbling bass from ROMderful’s treasure chest bring an instrumental funk that is missing from the other tracks.

The guest stars are bountiful for such a short project, but the producers and vocalists bring a smooth finality to each track. Ayelle’s honeyed lyrical inflections melt like liquid gold on “Something Special”, mixing with the dark, lustful melody to create an illustrious portrait of love and lust.

"People always call me May. I see my songs as tricks. I wanted to show my diversity on this project and that connected me with the movie The Matrix.” With this sentiment in mind, in swaggers the leather-clad “Morpheus’s Coat” - a bombastic finale to the EP. Warped melodies and stuttering drum patterns swirl in the tracks depths, with Maydien adopting Kendrick’s wiry pitch. Although he does lack Lamar’s masterful storytelling, Maytrix isn’t meant to be a politically incensed project. Full of pounding drum kicks and hedonistic grooves, the Dutch artist has successfully created his own psychological dream world.

Maytrix is out now on Roche Musique