There is undoubtedly something alluring about California natives. A fuzzed out blues trio who dig deep into the cinematic side of life and excavate all that’s holy and noir. Thundering and rolling bass is the glue which holds the magic of L.A. Witch together, with Sade Sanchez's vocals cutting through with a sultry smooth languish, as the guitars blend in the background, fluttering like bats in a darkened room.

“Haunting” drives itself forward slowly as Sanchez remains hidden amongst the brooding blues, echoing through when all falls away. That’s where the beauty of L.A. Witch lies, nothing is ever centre stage - it’s all about creating an atmosphere for you to get lost in, either cinematically or in a desert daze.

Not forgetting that people do indeed love a good riff, “Sleep” breaks out a bit of snarling guitar to an almost predatory level. A searing solo and rollicking drums later, transporting you back to dark, autumnal evenings that are so homely, yet a little bit terrifying. "BB’s Momma" is where the life to L.A. Witch kicks in. Following the same wandering MO as the previous tracks, it suddenly kicks into life, erupting amidst a chaotic crescendo of mindless piano thuds and distortion.

Perhaps even a bit more on the nose, “Heart of Darkness” takes the vocals to dissonant levels that present as more of narration in the background while pounding drums trudge along in spooky fashion.

At only fifteen minutes, this EP does a lot in a short space; it removes you from whatever mortal plain you may currently be inhabiting and instead transports you to one where L.A. Witch are in control, and with the sparse instrumental “Outro”, there’s no need for resolution because you can stay, but you can never leave their world.