The mantra of her debut EP covers a range of thoughts and feelings. Narrating themes of living unapologetically authentic, being confident in who you are, never being afraid to express your emotions, as well as the topics of lust, anxiety, recklessness and indulging in her femininity, GEMiNi has something for everyone. Along with the juiciness of the themes, Castro shares, “the whole EP is just 2 sides of the same coin playing out over and over again, 2 versions of the same character”. Revealing the opposing sides of her personality, the EP is totally organic and wonderfully vulnerable - something that we don't hear much of these days.

Starting off with a bang comes “Sugarblind”. A sultry, fun tune composed of gritty basslines, reverberating guitar riffs, glassy sounds and stunning vocals with a catchy singalong hook. Castro casts a spell with her intoxicating sound, sending you into some sort of hypnosis. “Homebody” is the song for the anxious home-birds and is all too relatable. Delivering the feelings of complexity and what it is to be human, including experiencing anxiety, it's honest, bright and tasteful in its assortment of production.

Then theres "B4U" - layered celestial vocals, a pulsating bass and the occasional tinkering of ivories, this is the type of song that will keep you coming back for more. "Give Me" shows Castro's addictive bluesy side. Her mesmerising vocals suck you into another world and demonstrate her ability to morph delicate soulful tones, with a raucous and powerful edge.

GEMiNi is the perfect alternative-soul soundscape, coated in KiNG MALA’s colourful, distinct sound, admirably, exposed emotions and smoky, bubblegum vocals. The EP is a whole mood. It’s intimate in its delivery, she will become your empowerment, your dance buddy, your sass queen and your comfort.